Hello, I'm Hart x6, and I'm addicted to Letterboxing

It Thanksgiving Day, 2006. I was thumbing through Family Fun Magazine, reading feedback from the August issue. Many readers thanking the magazine for bringing their attention to the fun hobby of Letterboxing.  

I was addicted!!  

Yes folks, that's all it took.  

I ran down to the basement, where our archived stash of Family Fun Magazines is kept, and found the August issue. While reading of all the adventures to be had out there, I kept wondering, "how did I miss this back in August?"  

The next day found me finding my first box, "Stray Dog" by Goose Chaser . . . I didn't have any of the supplies needed, I just wanted to find it.  

The next day was Saturday, I took the family down to a Ben Franklins to buy a logbook, ink, store bought signature stamp, and Pink Pearl erasers.  

Saturday, November 25, 2006 we found "Stray Dog" as a family. We went on to find 3 boxes that day, our lives would never be the same.  

We got home that night and I carved my first stamp, our new signature stamp. The store bought stamp was only used 3 times and then retired, sitting in my closet collecting dust.  

As time went on, I got to know other addicts, er, letterboxers, some of the nicest people you could imagine. They all form one of the best "support groups" ever, as they encourage me to continually indulge in said addiction.  

The purpose of this web site is two fold; 1) To educate others on the finer points of Letterboxing and 2) to have a place to post clues to some of my letterboxes that I don't necessarily want to publish on LBNA or AQ.  

Of course, I assume you know what I mean by "LBNA" & "AQ".   

Those are the 2 most recognized web sites dedicated to letterboxing. If you are looking for clues to boxes in your general area, or are just curious, I encourage you to go to;  

LBNA = Letterboxing.org   


AQ = Atlasquest.com    

Thank you for checking in and reading this site. Please check back often as I may have more clues/information published.  

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